Waterfront Blues, Toronto Ontario Canada May 31, June 1, June 2, 2013
Friday 6:00pm - 10:00pm Saturday Noon - 10:00pm Sunday Noon - 8:00pm


The 10th anniversary of Waterfront Blues has brought about a significant change. While Waterfront Blues has historically been the first out of the festival gate at the beginning of June, the highly regarded event is now moving to July along with the bulk of its’ contemporaries.

But that’s the only similarity it carries with other festivals offering Blues as the main musical attraction. Waterfront Blues is continuing to stay true to its’ positioning as Metro Toronto’s only genuine Blues festival. And, in doing so, Waterfront Blues is continuing the established tradition of presenting a mix of high caliber artists.

This isn’t an idle boast or simply words on a page. If you’re skeptical, check out this year’s line-up. Where else would you find a line-up that includes:

  • A two time Juno Award winner
  • A two time Grammy Award nominee
  • Two storied Soul singers performing together for the first time
  • Canada’s foremost Soul band
  • Emerging artists

The answer is only one place – Waterfront Blues!

And it’s FREE to boot!

If you’re wondering who we’re talking about we’ll fill in the blanks:

  • The Juno Award winner – Jack de Keyzer (performing with special guest Erin McCallum)
  • The Grammy Award nominee – Sugar Ray Norcia (of Sugar Ray & The BlueTones)
  • The two storied Soul singers – Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
  • Canada’s Soul band – Blackburn
  • The emerging artists – Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils and The Brant Parker Blues Band

And we haven’t mentioned the rest of the line-up:

  • Multi Juno Award nominee Harrison “Sweet Taste” Kennedy
  • The Toronto debut of New Orleans' own Lynn Drury
  • Soulful singer and guitar player Greg Nagy
  • The wide ranging Blues stylings of Terry Gillespie

Get up close and personal with all of these artists. (And maybe even buy a CD).

“Meet me where they play the Blues” – at the 10th Anniversary Waterfront Blues

FREE ADMISSIONS - Meet me where they play the Blues
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